Integrated response management solutions - responsive, trusted & cost effective.

Customer experience at the point of response is integral to the long term success of any fundraising campaign.

PFS DonorLink™ manages all your response handling requirements from lead capture, catalogue orders and surveys to merchant processing, fundraising and donation lines.

Proficiently handling over one million responses each year DonorLink™ provides Australian and New Zealand charities intelligent, transparent and cost-effective response management solutions.

DonorLink™ ensures our charity partner’s funds are deposited and confirmed within 24 hours and by outsourcing these key functions, our clients lock in the cost of each transaction, streamline their administration and focus on their core business. Currently we host, manage and deliver all the online, real world merchandise and credit card donations for some of Australia’s leading not for profits.

Response solutions include:

• Multi-channel data capture – telephone, email, SMS, coupons, letters, etc.

• Email and SMS data capture

• Email and SMS broadcasts

• Personalised laser printing and variable text solutions

• Complete fulfilment and mailing services

• Post campaign analysis

For over 30 years, PFS have partnered with Australian charities to deliver cost effective Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions. DonorLink extends your charity’s fundraising department, providing, low-cost, quality endorsed response handling, banking and administration solutions. We are also PCI compliant, ensuring you meet the strict privacy, security and data demands of the credit card industry and reduce the prohibitive costs of credit card transactions.

DonorLink™ provides our charity partners communication via email, phone, internet or SMS, allowing our customers to communicate however and whenever they choose. Extend the DonorLink™ platform for social business with our comprehensive, integrated social media solution. Email and SMS broadcasts can be provided where appropriate, as well as in-depth questionnaires and mailing campaigns.

Whether it’s a one-off campaign or ongoing promotional activities, we can tailor an integrated response handling program to your specific requirements. DonorLink also captures customer service and product information for analysis, integrates operations platforms and supports customer interaction processes that are both proactive and reactive to customer demands. Flexible and scalable to fit your organisation.

Cost: DonorLink™ quotes are customised according to variables such as services chosen, volume, administration, analytical requirements and whether it’s a short term requirement to support a specific promotion or a long term, multi-channel communication initiative.

For more information on DonorLink™ integrated response management solutions, call us today on 1800 226 777.