Streamlining your ‘back-end’?
By: Rochelle Nolan

This automated merchandise distribution system can streamline your workflow and minimise distribution costs, while still giving you full visibility and control. Review by Rochelle Nolan.

PremTech is a merchandise and campaign management system offered by the PFS Group. It provides a ‘back-end’ solution for merchandise, online ordering, reporting, distribution and order management, making it easier for business to distribute merchandise and effectively connect with stakeholders.

OrderPoint has been developed over 20 years , and has grown according to clients’ needs. It was designed to allow customers an easy way to outsource all services relating to merchandise distribution – from picking it, packing it, posting it and banking the money.

The order management system allows full visibility and control via secure connection, but removes the constraints and complexity of managing an IT infrastructure – resulting in the best of both worlds for nonprofits. One-stop-shop administration centre

Particularly for small to medium companies, it can be difficult to go to the next step of distributing products without a significant financial investment in either an outsourced or in-house solution. OrderPoint acts as a one-stop-shop administration centre, which business can plug into to manage their merchandise inventory from their own desks.

OrderPoint can be configured to manage stock inwards on the organisations behalf by submitting purchase requests directly with existing suppliers. The management system is fully automated and provides the front to back-end distribution solution to more than 400 clients throughout Australia, New Zealand and the UK, from online ordering systems, product merchandise, order processing, postage and banking.

OrderPoint also captures customer service and product information for analysis, integrates operations platforms and supports customer interaction processes that are both proactive and reactive to customer demands. Flexible and scalable to fit your organisation

The OrderPoint system is flexible and has the scalability to fit individual organisation objectives, freeing up valuable management time. OrderPoint’s online ordering solutions range from a simple page order form, to a complex ordering system with order and customer management. Each ordering system can be completely customised to suit your needs. Key benefits

• Streamline workflow
• Robust management and financial controls
• Customised online ordering
• Controlled safe and secure storage environment
• Centralised stock management and accountability
• Integrated data systems

Cost: OrderPoint quotes are customised according to variables such as services chosen, volume, weight, destination and whether it is a one-off campaign or a long-term engagement. Contact: 1800 226 777 or SALES