Quality Assurance

PFS originally obtained certification for the Quality Management System Standard on the 10th May 2000.

The PFS quality management system addresses quality requirements and applicable regulatory requirements, while aiming to enhance customer satisfaction and achieve continual improvement of its performance in pursuit of these objectives.

The company’s management system encompasses all procedures undertaken by PFS in the execution of channel management services.

All processes are frequently audited by internal quality auditors and formally audited by an independent external inspector on a yearly basis as part of the maintenance of the IMSI accreditation.

Applying the principles of IMSI allows us to establish an operating structure that works smoothly and efficiently. IMSI puts internationally recognised procedures into place that will improve your cost efficiency, provide better customer service, enhanced product quality and management controls.


Premium Fulfilment Services policy objectives are to:

• Have a duty of care to both it’s customers in the way of providing a quality service and to it’s staff in ensuring that they have a safe and friendly working environment and a return to work philosophy.

• To ensure that the clients needs and expectations are fulfilled with the aim of achieving their satisfaction.

• Comply with all relevant Statutory and regulatory requirements such as Work Health & Safety and Human Resources.

The above is achieved by ensuring that Premium Fulfilment Services has adequate resources, appropriate training and staff awareness and that there is a complete understanding of the customer's requirements.

To maintain and improve on these targets the system is continually reviewed for its suitability to the company, customer needs and community expectations. It is amended when required and continual improvements to all processes are encouraged.

Management and supervising employees are responsible for ensuring that all the methods are defined, documented, and applied to the regular working methods under their control.

The quality of our services and their conformance with our customers’ requirements is the concern of every person within Premium Fulfilment Services. Every person has quality, work health and safety responsibilities.

This management system, which shall be applied in Premium Fulfilment Services, is outlined in quality management system, process documents, and supplemented with procedures and work instructions where necessary.

It is the responsibility of all employees to support the implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of the PFS management system.