Integrated Logistic Solutions

Streamline, simplify and save.

The PFS integrated Logistics program ensures your cost reduction initiatives are maximised - Our Boxologist's analyse the influence of packaging specifications and consider the historical data of previous campaigns, apply known distribution profiles, establish timing and capacity parameters to significantly reduce the cost of consumables, postage and transport.

Our packaging consultancy has proven to be critical for our customers in providing kit costing during creative stages, and it allows for pre-budget approval and cost control to budget and management throughout the production stages.

Program planning is agreed with resource management and inbound processes set up with key milestones, all of which are monitored and reported. Full process visibility is provided at the high level for ongoing project planning reports and adherence to the campaign brief.

A key to our specialist campaign management solutions is the versatility to manage packing to multiple levels within each campaign; this can be at national, state or territory level by retailer, or even to individual specifications for activation teams. This flexibility is critical in minimising the overall campaign costs for distribution and producing an identifiable reduction in wasted space with respect to the packaging of kits.

Communication is critical to the ongoing success of any program. PFS provides and manages “1800” customer service hotlines during each campaign to ensure all queries are centrally controlled and resolved in an efficient manner.

Additionally, our experience has proven that by personalising kits through our digital printing capabilities, the response rates are increased.

For more information on our integrated sourcing solutions, call us today on 1800 226 777.